Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Little Miss Quoted...

There's a lot of famous quotes out there. Some are inspirational, some are funny and some are sad. I thought I'd take this opportunity to share a few lesser known quotes from some well known people.

Whispering to his friend upon first sight of Rihanna- "I'd hit that" -Chris Brown

After seeing the "leaked" photo he allegedly sent- "Aren't things supposed to look bigger on camera?" -Brett Favre

Responding to his accident and behavior- "I plan to work on my driving, I've been focusing too much on my putz" -Tiger Woods

"Oh man, does anyone else feel really ill all of a sudden" -hundreds of birds in Arkansas

During his first appearance as a judge on Iron Chef, with chicken as the secret ingredient- "This tastes just like ear". -Mike Tyson

And my favorite of all time....

At Intern orientation at the white house- "I was thinking we could try a little political role play......I'll be Fidel Castro, and you can be the Humidor." -Bill Clinton


Anonymous said...

How about the Valentine's Day card that said, "I would stand in line to give you a little kiss - as long as the line doesn't form at the rear."

Nick M said...

haha, very nice work, my favorite is the brett favre quote. good stuff!